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Stevo Dumbledore
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Community Update #1Created on, 10 Oct 2017 | #1

Good afternoon, all!

As we're moving past our first week up and running again, you're probably noticing some changes taking place either on the server or on the website. I'm just letting you all know, this is to be expected for the first couple of weeks as we re-integrate the server back into the website. The server updates will also focus on fixing bugs primarily over adding new content, so stay with us!

Interesting Statistics.
As you can see when you log in on the website now, we have a list of members that have been active on the website through that day. Our highest count to date has been 42 members online in a day!

As for the server, these statistics are currently hidden but we are looking to make them a little more public so you can see how our server is filling up nicely.

From the first day our server re-launched, we had an average of around 10 players at peak, and into the second week we're now averaging 20 players at peak. The Army and Rebel license requirements were dropped down in a previous server update to 50 players, so we're moving towards that goal slowly but surely.

In fact, looking back at the unique players list on the server, we've actually got 48 unique players logging in over the last two days, with only 4 of those players not returning. If all 44 of us logged on at the same time, we'd have a very populated server and we'd hit the 50 mark in no time!

On an even bigger note of positivity, for the first time ever we received 0 reports about players actions yesterday. Meaning everyone that came on the server had good role-play experiences with everyone else. Give yourselves a pat on the back for that one!!

Trophies and Leaderboards
Jim has been looking to fix the Trophies and Leaderboards section of the website so that once we close out the season you may receive your trophies. If you're lucky enough to be in one of the winning slots! A few of these trophies will also be configured so that you unlock a unique website Title to go with it. So, keep checking your account details page to see if you've unlocked a new title or two!

Server Updates
In the recent update, the new Laws of War DLC Vans were added. Unfortunately these Vans are not stable by any means and can cause the server severe performance issues, alongside causing some pretty nasty and unexpected explosions. So I will ask that for the time being, until I get a response back from one of the server developers at Bohemia Interactive, that you refrain from using these vehicles.

Another issue from the latest update was the soft-logging warning system. As many users have previously complained about other users soft-logging, there's no evidence of this, and the warning system was supposed to interact. Unfortunately I can't test this because I can't leave the server, and view the chat log in the server at the same time!

Problems aside, there's a couple of things I'll be working on in the near future which should address some more common issues across the server... mainly the soft-logging warning system. Both me and Jim are looking into the possibility of including a time system in the server and integrating that into the website. This should have increased functionality over our current "idle" system, and it should be able to record when a player logs in, disconnects, reconnects, how long they're logged in for etc...

So you may find a lot more automated systems put in place, along with account side warnings if the system catches someone soft-logging!

Last but not least, our popularity is growing! Players from other communities are now heading over to ours in search of something new, and that means our in-game player count should keep on rising. That said, higher server populations draw more players to the server when viewing it in the server browser, so maybe we should think about arranging an evening when all our active players can play together... what are your thoughts on this?

As always, it's a pleasure helping the community out, and seeing you all having such a good time!

Stevo Dumbledore

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