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- Features -
Run the Country of Altis

Increased Wage
Apply Policies
Hire Body Guards
Access to Mayors SUV

You must be voted as Mayor by other players in the server through the Internet Cafes

As Mayor, you can choose from a list of policies to apply to the server and make life better, or worse for the people of Altis. You can change policies such as, Civilian Wages, Police Wages, Insurance, Drug Crackdown, Gang Crackdown and many more.

For the Mayor to earn points to spend on policies, the Mayor needs to hold press conferences. The more journalists that turn up to the press conferences, the more points the Mayor earns for their hard work.

Press conferences can be organised by the Mayor from the City Hall. Once the Mayor chooses to hold a conference, the City Hall will notify the Mayor of the randomly located conference, along with notifying all journalists of the location.

Each time a conference is held, there is a chance the Hitman Agency places a large hit on the Mayor. This will result in all Hitmen being informed of the Agency intentions to remove the Mayor. The location of the conference the Mayor is attending will be shared with the Hitmen.

The policies you change have an adverse effect throughout the island. Choosing polices that negatively affect the Rebel Alliance will undoubtingly bring you unwanted attention from them and make visiting that side of the island ill-advised, but such policies will make you more favourable to the Allied Armed Forces.

Be careful what you promise during your election, you can’t always please everyone.
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