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- Features -
Steal bank account information

Hacking Experience
Robbery Experience
Lockpicking Experience
Cash yield - Dependent on action taken


Hacking someone's account information and committing bank fraud is easy money, and if they're insured, it's a victimless crime... but is it legal? Of course not!

In order to commit bank fraud, you need to first break into the manager's office in the SUATMM Bank in Kavala. This is where the lockpick comes in. Once you've lockpicked the door, you can then hack the computer terminal to access the Accounts database.

After accessing the database, you now select which account information you want to steal, and click the button! Simple!

That's the first part done with... you've obtained the information you need to now visit an ATM and steal their money. On opening the ATM menu, the notification area will advise you of your PIN code and any stolen PIN codes you haven't used yet. Entering someone else's PIN code enters you into their bank account and from there you can withdraw, transfer or deposit any money you want!

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