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- Features -
Break into the Military Reserve and steal all the Gold.

Bonus Objective:
Break the door locks.

Gold bars
Cripple Army Income
Hacking Experience
Raiding Experience

Player Requirement:
6 Military Players Online

The Military Reserve is similar to the traditional Altis Life Federal Reserve except there's one big difference; there are six vaults.

Starting off, you must enter the Reserve with your allied soldiers. Once inside the Reserve, the map will change nearby markers into the Tactical map view to help organise yourselves. The Security Sensor holds the door codes which opens all of the Domes to grant you and your trucks access to the Safes. The Security Sensors also remove the protection field from each of the safes.

The optional Bonus Objective here is to break the locks on one or more of the doors on each of the Domes. This will mean that once the security system is online, you will be able to escape without being locked inside the Domes.

The best perk used in this raid is the Hacking Duration Perk (Unlocked by progressing with the Hacking skill). The Duration perk extends the duration in which the Military Reserve's system remains offline, prior to initiating it's restart procedure.
It's restart procedure also increases in duration based on the hacking perk.

Players with level 0 Hacking Duration will only receive a total of 5 minutes and 30 seconds to blow the safes, extract the gold and get away. It seems like it may be a long enough duration, but there's a catch. Each Safe takes 5 minutes to blow the locks off, so that only gives you and your team 30 seconds to extract as much gold as possible before the security system comes back online!

The level 3 Hacking Duration will grant the Rebels a total of 16 minutes and 30 seconds to complete the job, which is a much more comfortable time!

Once the timer has expired, the system automatically comes back online and all the doors lock shut. If you're caught inside, you're stranded and may as well just surrender. The Army may open the doors to restrain you and escort you outside until a Police Officer or Military Police Officer is available to arrest you.

If you were wise enough to break the locks on one of the doors, you would be able to escape with whatever gold you and your vehicle can carry. You must then journey to the Rebel Dockyard where one of Pablo's Rebels is willing to offload the gold for you for a very handsome price.

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