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- Features -
Break into the Pablo's Safe and steal all of the Drug Money

Bonus Objective:
Erase Rebel Off-Shore Accounts

Large amount of Cash
Robbery Experience
Hacking Experience

Player Requirement:
6 Rebels Online

The Drug Lord's Mansion is a speed based event in which the Army must hack into the Mansion's security system and steal the vault codes used to open the digital safe.

Starting at Terminal 1, the Army must successfully hack the terminal. Once complete, a timer of 5 minutes will be created. At this point, the Rebels will be notified that the Mansion is under attack. The Army have two options from this point onwards; attempt to crack the safe now, or move on to terminal 2. Terminal 1 will reveal the first digit of the 3 code combination, so with that, there are just 100 possibilities for the Army to choose from and maybe luckily guess the correct combination.

Terminal 2 grants the successful hacker a boost in the timer of 5 minutes and a further delay. It also gives the military the second digit in the three digit code combination for the Safe lock. This will reduce the code combinations down to 10, so the army should have plenty of time to guess the combination at this point.

If the Army proceed on to hack Terminal 3, this terminal presents the last digit for the correct code combination, however, at this stage the military may wish to proceed on with Terminal 4 - the Off-shore accounts.

The Off-Shore Accounts, when successfully erased, completely resets all online Rebel's paychecks to 0. It wipes out all sold cocaine, and all captured territory bonuses and puts them straight down to 0. It is a very hard task to complete, but is a complete game changer for the Army if the Rebels have been dominating them. If the Rebels control Key towns and Checkpoints, they will receive absolutely nothing for those towns until the Military reclaim them, and the Rebels reclaim them after that.

Once the attackers have entered the correct code combination, the cash is taken from the safe and the thief is put into an ATM lockdown mode (so they cannot deposit the money, or give it to anyone until their lockdown is removed). This gives the rebels chance to kill the thief and keep the money themselves.

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