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- Features -
Attend Conferences and Publish News Bulletins

Increased Wage
Publish Breaking News Bulletins
Journalist Clothing

Good Morality
$800 License Fee

As a Journalist it is your job to find the latest scoops and report them as Breaking News Bulletins to the citizens of Altis. You can choose what content your Breaking News Bulletin will display. Once you have published your Breaking News Bulletin, a breaking news style bulletin will be displayed across the server.

Journalist can also make additional income by attending the Mayor Press Conferences. All journalists will be notified by City Hall where the Mayor will hold the press conference, and it is your job to get to the location before the Mayor begins the conference. If you’re late to the conference, you will not be paid for your attendance and may possibly miss some vital news scoop.

Will you become a well known and respected journalist, or just another news reports trying to make a living?
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