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- Features -
As Military, destroy the Rebel Drug factory
As Rebels, destroy the Military Ammunition factory

Bonus Objective:
De-activate the motion sensors by hacking the sensor control unit nearby

Cripple the waged income of your enemy.
Earn 'Explosive Ordnance' Experience.

Player Requirement:

Both Rebels and Military have the same objectives here, destroy the enemy's factory - severely limiting their financial income. Your mission is to arm three explosive charges at the points displayed on the map as you enter the oppositions factory.

Pick up the explosives located within your own factory. As you approach, the markers on your map will adjust to give you a tactical view of your own compound. The explosives are marked on the map as "Explosives". You can only carry one charge on your person, so getting transport will be important. You have 5 explosives available in total per server cycle. If you die, or lose the vehicle transporting the charges, they are lost until the next server restart. Make sure you have planned your mission before starting it!

Having collected the explosives, make your way to the enemy factory. As you approach, you have the option to go for the bonus objective, the Factory Sensors. The sensors show the enemy your position around the factory. While the sensors are active all players within the factory will be displayed on the map. However, it does not alert the opposition that enemy players are present until an explosive is armed. The opposing force would need to monitor the map to pre-empt such an attack and put the sensors to best use.
To de-activate the sensors, a player must go to the Sensor Control location and hack the sensor unit. Having done so, the player who deactivated the sensors must remain near the terminal otherwise the sensors will re-activate.

Continuing the mission, players carrying the explosives move to the arming points and arm them. As each charge is set a global message is sent out to all players informing them that a charge has been armed at the given location. It is highly advisable that charges are planted simultaneously to reduce the time in which the defending faction has to respond.

After all charges are set, a 15min timer appears. This notifies all faction-based players that a demolition countdown has begun. When the timer hits zero, the factory is destroyed. While the timer is still active, the defending team may approach the charges at the arming points and disarm them. If a single charge is disarmed, the countdown timer stops and the disarmed charge must be re-armed again. (When re-armed, the countdown is reset.)

If successful, the enemy building remains destroyed and the negative financial impact applies until the next server cycle.

Good luck.

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