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- Features -
Secure the Military Airdrop

Additional Money for Army
Heavy Weapons for Civilians


The Army have requested regular supplies be delivered to the island to help support them in their fight against the rebels. The military air convoy make regular airdrops at specific locations throughout the day, which include weapons, ammo and attachments.

As a member of the Army, you have the option to remove weapons from the supply crate and stock yourself up, or secure the supply crate to receive money. Once secured, civilians will be unable to access the crate.

As a civilian, you have the option to help yourself to a handful of weapons which can be removed from the crate. You must be careful, however, as the Army can fire on-sight if they catch you stealing their supplies.

The military drop crates offer random weapons and attachments. So, you might only get a small hand gun and a bag of ammo, or you might get a high powered sniper rifle and the sniper scope attachment. Just remember, you might not be the only one interested in these supply drops!

So, keep an eye for any alerts that the military plan to drop supplies in and where they will be dropping them, and wait for the military helicopter convo to arrive.
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