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- Features -
Maintain the Streets of Altis

Repairing Experience
Unique Build/Repair Abilities
Unique Vehicles
Access to Scrap Yard

Good Morality
$2000 License Fee

As a Port Authority worker, you are granted access to a number of unique vehicles and equipment to help you maintain the roads, footpaths and public properties around the island.

As a worker, you are grants access to small trucks to help you transport your material from one job to another, as well as tow trucks to help you clear damaged or abandoned vehicles from the roadside. Once a damaged vehicle has been towed, you can take it to the Port Authorities Scrap Yard to provide you with extra income.

For the Port Authorities to maintain the island, you are given access to unique equipment. Items such as shovels can help you remove broken fences and lamp posts. Whereas the hammer will allow you to build several different types of fences, walls and lamp posts. You will also have access to place traffic cones and barrier down while you complete your work.

However, Port Authority workers need materials to build fences, walls and lamp posts. The compound contains three stockpiles for workers to obtain materials for free, only if the Prison System has supplied them with the materials. The materials are gathers from citizens doing time in prison who have chosen to work in-order to reduce their sentence. If no prisoners are producing materials, then the stockpiles will be empty and the workers are forced to pay for their own materials.

Do your part towards a Greater Altis by working for the Port Authorities
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