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- Features -
Identifying players in the sever

Name tags displayed above players character


Whether you’re a Police Officer, Bounty Hunter, Hitman or average Joe the Hobo, you are going to remember a face when you see one, but only if you get chance to get close enough.

With our unique in-built player identity system, known as Contacts, you can add any player into your personal contacts list so the next time you see them you’ll know who you’re talking too.

Once you’ve added a player to your Contacts List, you instantly get that players name tags displayed above their head every time you look at them. If the players face is obstructed by a wall or face mask, you’ll be unable to see their name tags as you cannot see their face. Also, if the player is standing too far away for you to recognise their facial features, you’ll not get their name tags displayed.

The better skills and perks you have unlocked, the further away you can see a player’s name tags.
If you check your Contacts List, found in your Player Menu, you will have an extensive list of all the players you have identified throughout your life. If you click a player’s name from within your Contacts List, you can get further information on that player; perhaps you noticed a holstered weapon on the player? This will show in the player’s details as owning a gun license. Or perhaps you noticed they’re wearing Army clothing? This will also be shown in the player’s details.

You can build an extensive Contacts List simply by identifying each player you come across in the city, but be warned that if you die you will lose all your Contacts and will have to start again! It’s just another reason to wait for the medic to revive you, because if you’re revived all your Contacts remain.
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