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- Features -
Enforce the Law of Altis

Increased Wage
Access to Police Equipment
Access to Police Vehicles
Abilities to Use Police Functions

You must apply and be approved through the website.

As a Police Officer, you can view the government wanted list for anyone who currently has a warrant out for their arrest. The list will display gathered information from what is known about the criminal, such as name and the offence they’re wanted for.

You can also issue warrants yourself by selecting the name of the person and choosing from a list of crimes to apply to their warrant. This will then add that person to the government Police Database so that other police officers or bounty hunters can server the warrant if they locate that person.

You have several abilities to help you locate criminals. You can take statements from shop keepers who have recently been robbed. The shop keeper may provide you with a description of the criminal and his CCTV footage could show you the rough direction he went when leaving the crime scene. It is worth noting, that certain unlockable skills, factions and face masks can all be a factor to whether the shop keeper can give you a statement. If the suspect is in the Rebel Alliance, their unique Intimidation Perk will mean the shop keeper will be too scared to provide any statement, or even talk to you at all.

You will also have other unique abilities, such as issuing tickets to criminals for minor offences. You will have access to speed guns that are linked to the Police Database and will automatically apply speeding tickets to any vehicle you catch speeding.

As a police officer, you will get chance to work your way up through the ranks, starting as a Community Support Officer, Constable, Sergeant, Detective, Superintendent and finally the Commissioner. You may also get chance to join the Armed Response Unit, known as the Task Force.

The Task Force have access to unique vehicles and improved equipment, such as Sting Sub Machine Guns with Laser Scopes, Bullet Proof Police Vests and more.

A simple stop and search can turn into a shoot-out. Is this state pension worth it?

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