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- Features -
You locate wanted players and arrest them

Bounty Cash
Information Experience
Arrests Experience
Secret Hunter Shops with Discount Items

$8,000 License Fee

Bounty Hunters are a good way to practice being a Police Officer, while still enjoying the free life of a Civilian.
You can track players in different ways by questioning shopkeepers, or talking to local players. You also get to see the Police Database report when the Police Department activate it so you can see where all wanted players are.

Bounty Hunters are permitted to carry Lockpicks, Zipties and Boltcutters on them to get into buildings, vehicles and restrain civilians, but it is up to the police whether or not any fines are issued for carrying such items, and whether or not the Bounty Hunters are actually trespassing.

All arrested civilians are to be taken by Bounty Hunters straight away to the Police Station Jail Point to be arrested, were upon the Bounty Hunter will get the criminals current bounty instantly added into their bank account.

Do your part to help clear Altis of Crime!

For more information, view the Bounty Hunter - Code of Conduct
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