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- Features -
You become a member of the Armed Forces

Increased Wage

Military License $20,000

If you’ve been keeping up with current affairs, you’ll know those filthy rebels are still fighting back against our new government’s policies for a better life! The only way to teach these drug smuggling rebels is to destroy them! Destroy them all! And it’s the Armed Forces job to make sure this task is completed.

As a soldier in the Armed forces, you will receive your very own clean uniform, 3 good meals a day and a shiny new gun to kill rebels with. You will have access to the very best equipment, vehicles and technology. You can fly the remote drones around to locate those goat loving rebels and help the ground forces destroy everything they stand for! Or you can bring out the heavy APC and storm their sand ridden territory and clear those foxhole loving rebels out.

Your daily tasks will include patrolling our radar station to make sure those sneaky rebels don’t get our location or disrupt our signal, meaning our boys can see each other on the map. You will patrol our ammunitions factory to make sure our soldiers stay well equipped. You will be required to patrol the military reserve also - it’s no good us stealing all the rebels gold only for them to steal it back! And you will be expected to man the checkpoints and keep an eye for any rebels sneaking over to steal our livestock for their future wives and whatever.

The fun doesn’t stop there. We need to keep these towel wearing rebels on their feet by launching missions deep into rebel territory. You’ll definitely need your vest on when the big boss man sends you and your buddies into the key towns to crash the rebels little sausage party. And your boys will most definitely need to work together when you’re raiding the rebel drug mansion. And let’s not forget the dreaded task of blowing up the rebel drug factory to cripple the rebels income.

It’s all just another day in forces.
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