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Our Newest Member: Hemera Nyx
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- Community Rules -
Role Play At All Times

Players should never break role play, regardless of a scenario outcome. Disputes should be resolved through the websites "Report Member" function.

Exemption to Rule:
• Permission from an Administrator

Role Play Initiation

Players should initiate engaging role play to signify the start of a scenario and must provide sufficient time for others to respond.

Exemptions to Rule - 500 Meter Radius
• Key Towns
• Checkpoints
• Military Reserve
• Military Ammunition Factory
• Military Satellite
• Ammo Point
• Rebel Drug Mansion
• Rebel Drug Factory
• Rebel Radar
• Gang Towns
• Assassinations

Safe Zones

You are forbidden to take threatening action when within the following designated safe zones:

• Kavala Hospital
• Kavala Police Station
• Military Bases
• Rebel Bases

Exemptions to Rule:
• Hitman within location, wearing the relevant disguise

New Life Rule

When you lose your life and respawn, you must continue play without knowledge of previous scenarios, players or actions.

Exemptions to Rule:
• You are Revived
• Permission from an Administrator

New Players Rule

Any players with the "New Player" title under their tag should be exempt from any hostile role play scenarios.

Exemption to Rule:
• None

Restricted Zones

It is forbidden to enter the following restricted zones if you are within the listed factions:

Designated Territory: Government Controlled Territory.
Restricted Zones: Rebel Territory, Drug Island * Once checkpoint has been captured by the Rebels.

Designated Territory: Central Altis
Restricted Zones: Government Controlled Territory.

Designated Territory: East Island, Drug Island * Once checkpoint has been captured.
Restricted: Government Controlled Territory.

Exemption to Rule:
• None


All communication features in the server are for role play purposes only. Disputes should be resolved through the websites "Report Member" function.

Exemption to Rule:
• Global Channel is to be used for non-roleplay communications
• Permission from an Administrator

Combat Logging

Players are forbidden to disconnect and reconnect within 30 minutes to avoid the Respawn time or a Role Play scenario

Exemption to Rule:
• None

Hacks, Glitches & Exploits

Any player found using mods, hacks or glitches will be given a permanent ban from all our community's features. Any player found to be exploiting the server or it's rules will also be banned.

Exception to Rule:
• None

Respecting Others

All those within our community have the right to play the server without fear of personal, malicious, hateful comments or threats.

Exemption to Rule:
• None

All players upon the 3LG gaming server are permitted to play at the discretion of our Administrators. We reserve the right to remove any player from the server without prior notice. Poor role play is the main cause of removal.

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Our Newest Member: Tobias Larsen
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